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Choosing Against Busy

Have you checked the status of your life lately? Honestly, I’m curious… How are you?

Because if you’re like ninety-nine point nine percent of the world (myself included), most times you don’t really know. You’re not quite sure. For many of us, probably most of us, the answer is dull, uninteresting, and shockingly the same.

Far too often, for days, months and years on end, we cram our lives with endless things. Lists. Tasks. Goals. Miles of trivial, mundane matters that ultimately don’t even matter. We hustle. We strive. We’re hedonistic: we seek pleasure and avoid pain. We fill any void with distraction or noise. Or we simply numb instead. When asked to define the state of our soul, we answer in the same robotic tone as the person before us: Busy.

What happened? How did we get here?

Laughing at dinner with my girlfriend we pondered how we might answer instead: “Anxious, maybe a little gassy…” “A bit confused and uncertain…” “Annoyed and frustrated.” “Convicted?” “A little pissed-off, actually.”

We’ve become numb to our own lives. Our children. Integrity. What really matters. Caught up in posing, pretending, comparing, competing, fitting in, or following the crowd it always comes back to one thing: we’re afraid. Afraid of being who we are if that’s different from all the rest. Afraid of trying because we might fail. Afraid to be real. Real people with real emotions and problems and feelings and struggles and successes. Sometimes we’re even more afraid of those. The good things. If we’re not hiding our problems or pain then we’re often diminishing our gifts. We stay busy so no one sees. So we forget ourselves.

Last year I wrote a 31 day revolt against busy because I believe it’s invisibly choking the life out of us. Or maybe it’s merely choking the life out of me.

Busy is a cop out that takes up all space for awareness; offers no respite for weary; gives no sanctuary for rest, and no room for God.

But it’s what we are. The state of our actual lives.

busy is a cop out


But God is faithful. In our fear, or in our faith, He doesn’t waver. In our strength, or our struggle, He stands. We may wander, waver, or wage against the unknown but He remains. Unmoved. Unchanged. Unrelenting in His promise of provision and protection; He is our peace.

Maybe today what you need is an invitation – or permission – to rest. To put down the work, the problem, the agenda, the planner, the schedule, the list, the task or the next thing you think you’re supposed to (or HAVE to) do. It will wait. In fact, it may not even need doing.

Perhaps rest is actually the next right thing.

I met with my friend and mentor Ruth yesterday, perhaps some of the most precious minutes of my week, where she reminded me the power of offering up our loaves and fishes to God so that He can multiply them. So that in our sacrifice or offering, He can work a miracle. It’s not about what we can manage to do, but what He has the power to do in us.

What can you offer today knowing He is faithful and His word does not return void? He is a God of restoration and redemption but He needs room. Room to work a miracle. Room to show Himself faithful.

What room will you offer God today?

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  • Crystal April 3, 2016, 6:16 pm

    Personally, the more room I leave for God in my life the more I’m able to see Him work. Sometimes it means saying “no” to friends and saying “yes” to God. It’s worth it. Every area of our lives that we make room for Him in, He blesses it abundantly.

    I think that rest is often the next best thing 🙂 Have a wonderful rest of your week Tammy.

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