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growing in the wonder of grace


i woke this morning to mystery.  magic.

branches, windows, driveways and rooftops.  every tree in every direction covered in beautiful vining ice crystals.  ice fog.


something my mathematically/scientifically challenged mind cannot begin to understand.  temperature and precipitation, water vapor.  it’s beyond me.  i’m sure it can all be condensed in some simple, precise, scientific explanation but, to me, it’s just magic.

and it reminds me of the wonder of life.  how we grow.  how we evolve and develop into the people we are today.  how each step, each experience {good and bad} has shaped us to be the person we are today.

we are a wonder.  and we grow by grace.

how many times have you felt like you were expected to be or do something?  expected to change, fix, stop doing or start being something that you currently weren’t.  where you weren’t quite good enough just the way you were.

and what was your response?

if you’re anything like me, you dug in your heels and said the hell i won’t.  not for you.

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and that’s the thing about grace.

it doesn’t demand it’s own way.  it allows for freedom of movement, a change of course, the opportunity to learn on ones own.  without judgment.  without expectation.

grace itself is a mystery.  a divine secret.  a supernatural ability.

it is not within our own power to be grace-filled.  to give grace, to live grace.  it is not natural nor does it happen by chance.


it takes deliberate effort.  a constant renewing of mind.  to set aside our own way, our judgment, our self-righteous indignation and expectation and yield.  yield to the one who is not us, who deserves their own path, who will take their own journey with their own blessings and consequences.  who cannot grow in our expectation, who cannot grow by our demand.

so simple and so complex.

because grace is a mystery and cannot happen without intention it’s a wonder it can ever occur.  and yet it does.  every day.  every moment.  every tree on land, every star in the sky.  that the sun rises in the east every morning and sets in the west every night.  that birds fly and babies grow.  every gift we see in nature is a constant reminder of that grace.

of His grace.

may we grow {strong} in the wonder of grace.


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