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When You Think You Can’t

Tomorrow is LAUNCH DAY! Eeeeeeekk! Tomorrow morning the shopping cart will open and you can order your very own COR44™ Personal Training Cards™! We’ve got some great deals and a few added bonuses (because I love you) so make sure you open tomorrow’s email!

But today, let’s dive back into the most common barriers to fitness and how you can side-step them for good. Today’s barrier is this: I CAN’T DO IT! 


How many times do you yell at your kids for saying I can’t!? I don’t tolerate it. Yet, if I’m honest, how often do I find myself silently chanting the same chorus? Whether it’s in my head or I’m saying it out loud, it isn’t true. In the realm of physical fitness, the I can’t do it attitude has something to do with thinking you’re not athletic or strong enough to begin. Huh. Strange. Isn’t that why you’re starting in the first place?

Everybody starts somewhere. Regardless of your athletic ability or current activity level, it’s never too late to get moving. Here are a few ways to start:

  1. Keep it simple (KISS): I left off the last S, you know what it is. But seriously. Start basic. Begin slow and give your body the time to get used to activity. Once you’re comfortable, progress.
  2. Phone a friend: Last week I told you you’re not defined by the size or shape of your body, but how you move with the heartbeat of your soul. Pick an activity you like, whether that is jogging, gardening or dancing and invite a friend! The goal is to have fun, connect, and move your body.
  3. Stop comparison: Comparison is the thief of joy. Remember? Just last week a beautiful trainer at my local gym told me how much she wished she had my arms. I laughed so hard telling her I wished I had her arms! Her’s are slim and defined and delicate and fierce all at the same time. Mine are bulky and big. Whatever. We all want what someone else has. Whether that’s your body, your marriage, your relationships, your house, or your life — let’s just be happy for each other! Stop comparing, stop complaining and start working to create the life you want.
  4. Stop competing: Your goal is not to become a superstar today. Or tomorrow. Your goal is to become your best YOU. Focus on the positive changes you are making not only for your body but for your life. You’re in this for the long haul.

Under the cover of I can’t do it is a core belief. What is it? What keeps you trapped living defeated? You CAN. Today’s CORbelief is: I AM ABLE.


No one holds a measuring tape over you. You choose. Today could be the day you decide to take one step. Then tomorrow you’ll take another. Right now, you could never imagine how far you could go with just one step. One yes. COR44™ is all about simplicity. Anyone can do it! Through fitness, we are helping you get back to the basics so you can rebuild yourself strong. Brave. Beautiful. And whole.

Twenty years ago I was living in the old football house that you couldn’t walk in without shoes, and I read a quote that said something like this: MOVE. You don’t have to want to. You don’t even have to like it. You’ve just got to do it. I’ve never forgot it. And now here I am, twenty years later, and I don’t think it’s true; I know it’s true. I am able. And so are you.

Tomorrow we’ll open the shopping cart for COR44™! Hope to see you there! xo

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  • Karen Roth December 13, 2016, 1:08 am

    I would love to join but, I do have to truly say I am not able. I am in Deep Debt ($17,000 from a Shopping Addiction) and have no money of my own. I am also facing possible Breast Cancer and Neck and Spinal surgery. But I do still get out and walk most days two times a day. I got myself a last year’s model of the Garmin Vivofit 3. I am still making progress. I could tell of all my Physical Ailments that are all painful and Chronic but I really do not want to depress anyone this close to Christmas 🙂

    But I will and can and able to pray for your success at this 🙂

    Have an Awesome Christmas! {{{hugz}}}}~ Karen

    • admin December 13, 2016, 6:10 am

      Thank you Karen! Praying for healing and comfort for you, and proud of your commitment to still get out and walk every day!

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