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Don’t Want to Exercise?

Okay ya’ll, you are amazing! We launched COR44™ yesterday and I was blown away by your orders! At 5:45am there were already three of you through the checkout! You guys rock. Off those cute little white packages went yesterday to TX, AZ, OR, ID, WA, and MN! Way to represent you guys!! I think I glowed all day from pure joy! I even got to give TWO of those gorgeous pieces of jewelry away to two of you who ordered 3! Such a joy. If you haven’t yet, order your COR44™ Personal Training Cards™ today! They’re the perfect gift or stocking stuffer and I’ll get them to you in time for Christmas. They’re a fun, practical, inspirational and meaningful gift you can give to every woman you love.


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As we’re counting down Christmas and COR44™’s launch into the holiday with 12 Days of Fitness, what’s stopping you today? Maybe it’s this: I DON’T WANT TO!


Anyone?! I so wish I could insert the emoji with the crying eyes just like I would if I were texting you! I’m an emoji girl through and through. Who doesn’t want to stay in bed or curled up on the couch watching Netflix all day eating bon bons? I do! I do! Alas. Life calls. And so does denim. (Sigh). (Btw, I completely disagree with Jen Hatmaker; leggings ARE pants).

While we’re whining about what we don’t want to do (like wear jeans or anything remotely constricting), let’s figure out a few ways we can do it anyway.

  1. Set realistic expectations: You are not signing up to compete in the Amazing Race or run a marathon today. If you set your goals too high, you may be tempted to give up when things get hard. Start small. Walk around the block. Then two. Then try a mile. Keep it up and eventually it won’t feel so hard.
  2. Be true to you: Are you a morning person? Get up and go girl! Do you love the nightlife? Get your sweat on after work. Plan your activities when you tend to feel more energetic. If you’re like me and think of yourself as more of a 3 o’clock girl who likes to go to bed early and sleep in late? Well then just set your alarm and get the heck up.
  3. Schedule it: If you have a hard time finding the want to, make it a have to. I’m not a huge fan of shoulds or have-tos, but this is a non-negotiable for me. I know how much better my mind, my day, and my life works when I sweat first.

Our minds are a powerful thing. So powerful that you can actually change your state of mind simply by thinking it so. Don’t believe me? Today, every time you don’t want to do something you know you should, repeat today’s CORbelief: I AM DETERMINED. 


You know what I love most about this? The definition.

  1. Having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it.
  2. Having a strong feeling that you are going to do something and that you will not allow anyone or anything to stop you.
  3. Not weak or uncertain : having or showing determination to do something.

Doesn’t that make you feel stronger just thinking about it? When you make a firm decision and are resolved not to change it, anything is possible. Everything is possible! Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. COR44™ will help you make it strong so YOU can be strong.

>>>Order your COR44™ Personal Training Cards™ today for Christmas!<<<

Each set comes shrink-wrapped, with a branded caribeaner and hair tie because we love you. And, lets just face it: when you work out you want to look cute! Your personalized accessories show that you’re part of the COR44™ community, committed not only to fitness, but freedom! Together, we’re on a mission to heal your health and your heart.

Remember, if you buy THREE or more (because they’re the PERFECT STOCKING STUFFER OR TEACHER GIFT!),

starfishI’ll send your cards with a piece of beautiful handmade jewelry from Starfish Project. This is an amazing company restoring hope to exploited women. Each piece is hand made by a woman escaping human trafficking and exploitation in Asia.

Are you ready to design a new life? Are you ready to get strong? Order yours first HERE!

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