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Just released: FREE study guide!

Hi friends! Well the first group of you have made it through the 7-day video challenge with great success! I think it’s just awesome knowing there were a few hundred of you taking that journey together! I can only imagine the number of burdens that were set free to fly; the dreams that were given permission to breathe; and the bodies that literally JUMPED into life. Clothed or naked? Haha! You tell me!

Now if you took the challenge, you know what I mean! I’m so grateful to those of you who have written to tell me how much you enjoyed it. It was super fun to create and a huge gift knowing it blessed you. If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, or if you forgot or didn’t get a chance to sign up – the good news is it’s still available! You can sign up now and start your own journey through. It’s FREE and it’s fun! Win-win! 


I’ve also been busy writing a study guide to supplement my book, Pretty: Breaking Free From The Illusions of a Superficial Life, and…drumroll…it’s ready! I remember thinking when I finished it, that it would be the last words I would write in regard to that book. To that time period. To that season of my life. And honestly, I was sad for maybe half a second and then so utterly excited about what the future holds. I look back on that book and that time with so many emotions because I put all of my heart into it. Every thought, feeling, regret, pain, fear and insecurity was thought out, written down, leaned into, and prayed through that book — and it has brought about the biggest transformation not only of my heart, but my mind. We serve a God who is faithful and so, so good.

If you haven’t gotten your copy yet then I’m just saying, you probably should. And lucky for you, the print price has just been reduced on Amazon to only $8.99! And it’s only $3.99 on Kindle! Hurry and grab your copy because I’ve got another surprise.

Pretty: Breaking Free From The Illusions of a Superficial Life from Tammy Strait


Because I love you so much and am feeling generous, after you purchase the book, you can download the study guide FREE, right here! Honestly, it is so gorgeous. It expands on the questions and reflection in the book itself, and a provides a place for you to write YOUR thoughts. YOUR dreams. YOUR fears. Because that’s the most important part: the work that you do in the process. A book won’t change you. It’s what you do with it that makes the difference. I’ve done everything I can to help facilitate that change for you – knowing that it is what has truly set me free. I really hope you’ll get a copy of the book and then make sure you download the free study guide. I wrote it for you. And it’s pretty! No pun intended. Not that that matters, but it kinda does… Here’s a sneak peek!


Finally, I want to ask a really big, gigantic favor. If you enjoy the book please share it with a friend, share it on your social media channels and post a review on Amazon. I’ve got a pretty awesome book trailer if you haven’t seen it, and tons of images to share from my book page, all right here. Everything you need is ready to click and share. These things would help me immensely in this journey and I would be so grateful because I can only do so much on my own and then I have to release it to God and to you. Quite simply, you’re the only ones who can share the message and the book any way that truly matters. As always, if you have any questions or comments – please write! Post a comment, I read every single one.

With much love & gratitude. Happy reading! xoxo

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