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Live Your Best Life

How do you feel about your life? Are you living in possibility? Do you love what you’re doing? Do you feel free? Excited? Happy? Purposeful? Are you living your best life?

If your answer is no, WHY NOT? If you’re not quite sure, what stops you from saying yes? 

Your life is yours to design. Your passions are yours to pursue. The multifaceted idiosyncracies that make you – YOU – are meant to be shared! So what stops you? What keeps you from living your best life?

If you’re anything like me, it’s pride. Ego. That stubborn side of ourselves that desires applause or acceptance over authenticity. Ouch. Anyone else too proud to be awkward? Too afraid to be weird? Chances are, your best life requires embracing a whole lot of both. You’re not made to be like everyone else! You’re made to be you. It’s your original design.

So how do we transition from overly self aware to what the heck, I don’t care? The answer just might be easier than you thought. Well, at least the first step. I just finished reading Don Miller’s book: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and the essence is this: You need to write a better story. Or at least edit the heck out of the one you’re currently in. Chances are, it’s boring.


The truth is that we get stuck in old stories, fear (real or imagined), anxiety, rejection and every other reason to sit around and play it safe. But does anyone want to hear that story? Would anyone want to watch that movie? You know the answer. It’s no. No, they wouldn’t.

The stories we want to hear and see are the ones that are unexpected, risky, impossible, or just darn right good. Like those about people who work and risk for a cause beyond themselves. That makes a good story. If the person’s very life is at stake? Well, that makes it great. What story does your life tell? Would you want to hear it?

To write a better story and live your best life you’ve got to give up a few things:

  1. Pride: One of the deadliest of sins, pride will destroy every good thing in your life. It just will. But it also threatens your future. Pride preemptively kills creativity, wonder, hope and possibility as quickly as it does relationships.
  2. Permission: Are you a rule follower? Do you need permission before you’re willing to take a risk on you? Let me just shatter that perspective immediately. You were made to do great things. You don’t need permission. Chances are the one holding you back is you.
  3. Past: Is your past holding you back? Perhaps it’s a rejection, abandonment, or experience that continues to stop you from pursuing a different future. Believe me, I get this wholeheartedly; I even wrote a book about it. Here’s what I know: you need to move through it. You’re not meant to run from it, go around it, or pretend it away. It won’t go. You’re meant to go through it, however long, painful or ridiculous it may seem to others. It’s your story. The only way through is through.


Next, to write a better story and live your best life you’ve got to commit to a few things:

  1. Purpose: What story are you writing? Why? Would you want to watch it? Ask yourself: What story do I want my life to tell? Forget about the how. The hardest step is saying yes. Yes I will sign up for a marathon. Yes I will go on a mission trip. Yes I will go back to school. Yes I will sacrifice my self for someone else. Yes… When you choose yes for a purpose greater than yourself, in that moment, you are already telling a better story.
  2. Possibility: Do you know that anything is possible? Impossible exists only in your head. It’s true. Your yes will simply lead to another yes. Or a no. Or a twist. Or a turn. It’s a story. That’s how it works.
  3. Pursuit: You can’t sit on the couch and write a good story. Just like you can’t eat crap food and expect to be fit. It doesn’t work. You’ve got to pursue it. Question it. Listen to it. Lean in to it’s discomfort. Learn. Good stories are rarely easy, safe, or predictable. Stop trying to map it out, figure it out, or script it. Just pursue it.

Are you already living your best life? If you are, you should probably be writing here instead of me. I’m still learning. But here’s one thing I know for sure: it’s out there. Your best life is waiting for you to unshackle yourself from pride, stop waiting for permission, and journey through your past — so you can find a purpose, full of possibility, and pursue it. That will be a good story. Maybe even a great one. I think I’d probably even like to see it.

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  • Melissa Henderson November 16, 2016, 3:22 pm

    Please Tammy, something really pushed me to open this particular e-mail this morning and I’m glad I did. I’m 41 yrs old and just got my two children grown and they are doing well. Iv been very responsible in taking care of everyone else sine I can remember starting at about age 5 with my highly depressed mother and my mentally retarded brother whom I loved so dearly. Iv yet to this day to put myself first and don’t even know how to begin. Iv always been behind the scenes on the back burner. Iv been dreaming of true love and exciting travels my whole life but have not one clue how to make those dreams reality simply because I don’t have the money to take a two hour road trip much less travel the world! Iv applied for travel jobs with no luck yet but please I’m asking you for all your incouragement and all resourses or ideas you may have to help me. Iv never had a sole to encourage me in anything. Iv just always been expected to take care of and bragg on and encourage everyone around me in my life with none of them doing that for me. I do know what I want. I can see it soooo vividly, I just need someone on my side pushing me along and helping me jump through all the hoops. Please send me help, ideas, and personal word of encouragement. I am very intellegent altho I don’t have the college piece of paper that everybody wants to see but I have something I believe is so much more important, True Hardcore Life Experience and problem solving techniquesdue to life and I can budget like nobodies business! That’s because I grew up poor and raised my two children by myself with only me to depend on. I had nobody to call for back up and because of all this my work ethic is phanominal and so are my kid’s work ethic. I taught them to be self sufficient young ladies that could always provide for themseves and never put themselves in any situation where they never let their guard down and depended on anyone else to take care of them financially.

    • admin November 16, 2016, 10:20 pm

      Melissa it sounds like you have so much to offer! I know and believe you can do anything and it sounds like you already have a vision — and I can see that you’re ready! Praying for surrender and for you to allow God to open the doors and guide you every step of the way. He’s got you girl. I cannot wait to hear what happens next! Blessings. xo

  • Nicole November 16, 2016, 7:27 pm

    What perfect timing… Thank you for putting this into the world when a girl like me needed it the most. I’m a ruler followed and a proud women with a colorful/sad past. And all of those things have recently stopped me in my tracks. I’m afraid to fail, so I won’t even start. I’m to proud to ask for help and I try to move through my past and move on but it’s like quicksand and it pulls me back down.. Your post hit the nail on the head for me and it I think I needed to hear it now more than ever. So thank you!!

    • admin November 16, 2016, 10:15 pm

      I love that Nicole! I’m so blessed to hear that it resonated so deeply. Go girl! Faith is greater than fear. xo

    • admin November 16, 2016, 10:16 pm

      Nicole I love this! I’m so blessed to hear that it resonated so deeply. You’ve got this. Remember faith is bigger than fear. Go girl! xo

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