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Love the skin you’re in: Ground rules


YBY Day 1 Ground rules

Do you love the skin you’re in? If you’re being honest, I’m going to guess that answer is probably no. If I’m honest there are days I don’t like the skin I’m in either. If I’m really honest there are days I don’t like the skin, brain or body I’m in and I complain and focus on everything I’m not. I obsess about all the ways I fall short or don’t compare in any number of areas.

Awesome, right? It feels as bad as it sounds but you already know that.

Today we’re making the commitment for 3o days – the whole month of January – we will determine NOT to compare ourselves with anyone else. We will dedicate one month to striving for our best, not comparing it to anyone elses’ best.

We’re starting here – stopping the comparison – because, unfortunately, too often we get started with a goal and then get ourselves tripped up on someone who is further down the road from us in an area of life that we struggle. Instead of using them to push us or inspire us to be better, we subconsciously use them to tear ourselves down. We become judgmental or critical of ourselves and them, because in our own mind we don’t feel like we measure up.

But when we start looking at each person as someone on their own journey, we realize the truth: most of us are just doing the best we can. Each of us have insecurities, experiences and pain that hold us back or trip us up. We all have areas where we are our harshest critics. Even the girl that you think has a perfect life — the perfect body – flawless skin – effortless marriage – beautiful kids — it’s an illusion and even she has pain. Perhaps far more than you would ever think or imagine. I can promise you that.

Before we get started, today lets lay some ground rules. Some guidelines, if you will.

Challenge Requirements:

  • Stop judging. Stop judging both yourself and others. The first hurdle to becoming our best selves is to stop judging ourselves based on all the perceived standards we have set, measuring by and for and to everyone else. We are living our own story and we get to write it. Everyone else gets to do the same.
  • Stop comparing and competing and decide that this month, this one month, you will focus on being YOUR best and allowing others to inspire you instead of defeat you. We need each other’s strong to find our strong. We need each other’s best to find our best.
  • See with a new lens. Commit to seeing yourself through the eyes of a best friend this month. You are no longer looking at you with critical glasses but through the eyes of grace.
  • Commit and recommit. None of us are perfect. If you fall off track then course correct. Quickly! We will never do anything perfectly – especially changing life long patters of thinking. But we can either give up or recommit. Make a promise to yourself that you can go through this challenge imperfectly…it’s okay…and then get back on track as fast as you can!

How to Prepare:

  • Prepare your mind: Mentally commit to letting go of some long held beliefs and attitudes.
  • Prepare your family: You might need to establish some ground rules with family members or friends. Perhaps you have a standing date night at the buffet that you’re going to have to stop going to or a bad habit you indulge in with friends. Prepare your people that you are making a commitment to be YOUR BEST YOU and that means changing some things that are not leading you to your best life.
  • Prepare your schedule: You need to make room for 30-60 minutes each day to move. In some way, I want you to get physical. Monday I’ll be posting three custom made workouts at different fitness levels just for you! Start figuring out how you’re going to work this into your schedule.
  • Prepare your space: You might need to do a quick walk through your house and toss anything that obviously stands in the way of this journey. We’ll go through some of these things together over the month but you know your triggers, the things that trip you up. Start today by cleaning out some of the things that stand in the way of you loving the skin you’re in. Toss it. Right now.

Each week we’re going to focus on a different area of our whole body wellness. From our physical body, exercise and nutrition, to mind and beauty and spiritual development. We are the sum of all of these parts working together to find wholeness, happiness and peace. Each week I will post a new challenge Monday, Wednesday and Friday, giving you extra days to work on each challenge and incorporate it into your life. This is not about a diet or a short-term experiment, but a lifestyle change. To love the skin you’re in, you must embrace who you are. That’s not a short-term assignment.

Thought this is a lifetime journey, I’m convinced that together we can learn how to embrace ourselves, wherever we are in our journey, and keep on doing it day after day until we know we are enough. We are beautiful.

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  • Charity January 2, 2015, 6:13 am

    I am ALL IN on this as this was already my goal (not resolution) for this year!! I LOVE when HIS perfect timing brings things full circle and into place. My mantra for this year is #Accomplished2015

    • Tammy January 3, 2015, 8:26 pm

      Awesome Charity! So glad you’re here and that’s an incredible word for 2015!

  • alyssaz January 2, 2015, 9:01 am

    This comment is to let you know I am petrified but am still following along by email!

    • Tammy January 3, 2015, 8:25 pm

      I’m so happy you’re here!

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