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memorial day : i remember you

on memorial day it’s hard for me to think of anyone other than my dear friend patrick, who was lost to this world in the war in afghanistan.


memories of him go deep, to the years of my youth.  a place riddled with the healing scars of relationship and rejection, bitterness and jealousy.  but there was one constant in my high school experience, pat.  he cared for me when it wasn’t cool, was a loyal friend when it certainly wasn’t popular.  he was a fierce protector of my spirit and i will always cherish his tenderness to me.  not only do i honor him, but my husband – who never met pat but for at his funeral – honors him with me.  for memorial day several years ago my husband ordered his memorial bracelet for me.  i wear it today.

memorial braceleton a day like today it’s not grand gestures that count.  it’s the little things.  the simple remembrances.  the things that tie us together in the midst of a broken world.  whether it be a memorial day parade, saluting a soldier, laying flowers at a gravesite, flying a flag, wearing a bracelet or hanging a wreath in remembrance of a brave one lost to bring us precious freedom.  these tiny acts are the ones that matter.  the ones that come from a humble heart.  the ones who whisper in the stillness and silence of gratitude: i miss you, i love you, thank you for your sacrifice.

a month ago i shared a simple tutorial for my simple spring wreath.  you can find it here.  today i added a flag in remembrance of my friend, pat.  who died far too young, much much too soon.  but who left a lifetime impact on this little heart of mine.  today i honor you friend.  today i remember you so clearly.  only your best.  all of your best.  you were one of the best.  i miss you.

memorial day wreath


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