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ready for FALL ing…

anyone ready for fall? i know ya’ll are because i’ve been watching on pinterest, and everyone’s pinning…pumpkins, wreaths, candles and decor, baked goods, savory soups, chunky sweaters and tall leather boots. i’m ready too. every year i’m FALLing in love with days turning cool, cozy knits, and burning candles and accompanying fire.

i believe seasons come and go to remind us of the constant change of life. time never stands still, not even a moment. we close our eyes and a day is gone. a month, a season, a year, a lifetime. it’s why we must enjoy the journey, thankful for each season and each season of life. what it has to teach. what it takes away. the gift and the blessing it brings.

we’re on the cusp of a new season. fall, my very favorite.

i just finished getting my back porch ready for bundling up in blankets and sipping hot chocolate and hot apple cider. for looking at stars and dreaming big dreams. here’s my new favorite spot:


a few things i love about fall: clear brisk mornings and cool autumn nights. the changing of leaves and the crisp, earthy smell everyone knows and yet cannot describe. apple cider and cinnamon and spice. blankets and football and stadium nights, hot chocolate, caramel apples and bright, twinkly lights. it’s always the simple things i find myself FALLing in love with more and more each year.

what do you love the most about this season?

fall. the time of the harvest. when we store what was planted, and we reap what was sown.

fall brings us together and lives weave back in. it’s a gathering time: the harvest, the home, and the heart. 

gather in. i hope you find yourself FALLing too…



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