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Live Free – Day 5

I am a firm believer that our physical health is closely tied to our mental and emotional health. In fact, I commit to exercise nearly every single day because without it I don’t think as clearly. I am prone to forgetting who I am and, more importantly, whose I am. It is so easy to fall into negative self-talk. We become critical of our failures, and proponents of our fears. Left to our own devices, we quickly become our single greatest enemy.

Today is going to be about moving physically so we can get stronger mentally.

One minute challenge – Do 1 minute of push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, tricep dips or any other physical activity.

Challenge option – Get out of your comfort zone physically. Sign up for a race, try a new sport, or take a new class. Challenge your body in a way you have never done before and I promise you will reap the rewards of accomplishment and the rush of endorphin’s! And if your body is a little bit sore the next day, that’s a BONUS!