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Live Free – Day 7

So many times when we barely find the courage to begin, we give up before we even start. We look ahead to see who’s ahead of us and sometimes the fear of failure or comparison stops us dead in our tracks. We give up instead of giving in to the One who knows the desires of our heart. We stop believing in us, and in Him. The promises He meant, for us.

I am learning that much more often, we find our faith by leaping into the unknown. Risking the failure, the critics, the naysayers and our own lack of faith. Boldly, bravely, we take that step, or jump the cliff, and find our wings on the way down. So what if we fall? What if we fly? You were made to be free my dear sister. Freedom means taking off the chains that are wrapped around your heart, one at a time, and stepping free of them. Running, jumping, flying, falling: free. He will catch you.

One minute challenge – Literally jump! Jump into a lake, a pond, river, or ocean. Jump into the pit of McDonalds balls, on a trampoline, or in a bounce house. Let your body get acclimated to the feeling of letting go, diving in, jumping up and out in faith.


Challenge option – Skinny dip! Last summer a few of my friends were at a birthday party at a friend’s house on the lake. Very spontaneously, the idea was hatched to skinny dip! There were 7 of us, only girls, and it was already well on it’s way to midnight. Some of the girls were “experienced” dippers and some of us had never done it before. In varying degrees of comfort, each of us made it down the dock that night and jumped into the still, cool lake. Naked. It is a bond of friendship and an experience of freedom I won’t ever forget.

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