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Live Free – Day 4

When we center our minds and heart on who we are and clear ourselves of the darkness holding us captive, our dreams begin to come to life.

What dream is buried in the deep recess of your heart? Perhaps you already know what it is without even stopping to think. Maybe you’ve been pushing it down deeper every time it comes up to the surface out of fear or forgetting who you really are. Maybe it is going to take intentional effort and quiet reflection to bring it to the surface. Regardless of whether you know or are yet to discover, God placed a dream in your heart before the foundations of the Earth. He made you with a purpose nobody else can fulfill. Dream! Give yourself permission to close your eyes, forget your fears and believe anything is possible. You were made with a purpose and it’s your mission to find it and seek after it with all your heart.

One minute challenge – Go outside tonight and lay on a blanket under the stars. Listen to your Creator speak to the still small place in your heart. Let Him speak to your greatest hopes and your deepest fears and listen to His call. He loves you so much.

Challenge option – Step into your dream by taking action! Are you compelled to begin something? To take a leap of faith? Use the following note as an example to give to a friend or other accountability partner. Sometimes we need to tell someone else of our dream in order for us to bravely step out in search of it. Risk it! Take a risk. You will never look back at the end of your life and be sorry that you tried. You will only be sorry for the things you didn’t do.


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