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Live Free – Day 2

So often we live our lives avoiding or denying the things that cause us pain. The things that challenge the way we live. In avoiding our deepest hurts and our most profound joys we fall into the habit of numbing. We numb by addictions, obsessions with our self or things, social media, or living in a state of flat affect. In any number of ways, numbing happens when we do not take the time to inventory our hearts and minds.

Yesterday we read an identity statement. Today we are going to reflect on that truth to discover how closely what we believe matches the way we live. Are we living in accordance with what we believe? Are we treating ourselves and others in line with the identity we have in Christ?

One minute challenge – Take a minute to reflect on the Identity statement from Day 1. Ask yourself, am I living as if this is true?

Challenge option – Identify the inconsistencies between our current reality and what is truth in the following worksheet:


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