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Live Free – Day 6

When our identity strengthens, we become more aware of others and their needs. This, in turn, grows our hearts and makes it stronger. We are infinitely better people when we get to the place where we think less often of ourselves, and more often of others. When we truly become more concerned with loving others well, than being first or right.

One minute challenge – Take notice of someone today. Smile, say hello, put down your phone and pay attention to the people around you. Try to see them. Notice if someone looks sad or lonely. Notice if someone is celebrating. We need each other to see us – to truly see us – and notice. We all want to feel like we matter. That we are worthy of notice.

Challenge option – Be the person who meets a tangible need. So many people are struggling around us. Maybe it’s the new mom who could really use a meal; the family who has a child in the hospital and could use a care package or a gift of money for hospital bills. Maybe it’s the single mom who needs a night away from the kids and you could provide a night of childcare. Here is a list of possible ideas to use as a springboard. Really, the possibilities are endless.


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