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When peace comes like a storm

peace like a storm

I don’t know if this is the way life works or if it’s just the way life works for me. But often, in order for me to come to true peace, sometimes I’ve got to go through a storm.

That storm might be a relationship or a struggle outside of myself, but far more often it’s something I’ve got to battle on the inside.

If I’m honest that storm might be the anger of my own perceived injustice. It might be fear, hurt, betrayal, misunderstanding or shame. It might be a storm that lasts a week, a month, or even years.

But the greatest storms, perhaps the most life-changing ones, take a lifetime.

I think far too often we’re afraid of the storm. We fear the damage they can inflict with their wind and rain and the unpredictable force of nature.

Born and raised a midwestern girl, I got used to big storms. They didn’t scare me.

I remember one time running straight into the dark, lightning lit night of a mid-summer storm. Something about the roar of the wind, the thick, heavy weight of the air and the rain on my skin, and the unrelenting power of nature taught me the power of surrender.

Because no matter how hard you try, or what methods you employ, you can’t stop the storm. You might as well let it do t’s work and let God turn it into something good.

My little hometown was hit by a mighty tornado one year and torn clear apart. My dad said you could walk across the river on the debris. An hour later a community came together to rebuild.

I’ve learned there is not a lot to fear in the storm. Perhaps the problem isn’t the storm but, rather, our resistance to it.

Our standing firm, holding fast, unwillingness to move. Our refusal to change.

Perhaps in order to have the life we truly desire, some things need to be uprooted. Just maybe, our seemingly perfect order of life needs to be twisted and torn from our tightly clenched fist. Some objects or people need to be violently thrown outside our boundary lines. 

You see, I think we’re so afraid of the storm that we hold on to things not meant for us. We stay contained inside the person we have grown out of, and can no longer comfortably be.

Peace doesn’t usually come in ease and quiet. It comes when we are forced to expand our boundaries, step outside our comfort zone, and challenge deeply held and long-standing beliefs. Peace comes when we are forced to look into ourselves and find what we really believe, and discover who we are.


What storm is brewing in your life or spirit? How might you surrender to the wind and rain and let it change you? How might you allow it to mold you, and drive you closer to God as you find His perfect peace in this imperfect world?

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  • Brittnie (A Joy Renewed) July 7, 2014, 10:38 pm

    I love this, Tammy. So true in my life as well. I have weathered many storms and have come out much stronger as a result. Wouldn’t trade my storms if I had the chance. Honestly. I love how you said “The storm is not our greatest danger. The storm is what gets us to move. It teaches us to know what we feel. ” Amen!

    • Tammy July 8, 2014, 4:40 am

      I wouldn’t change my storms either Brittnie! Isn’t that the most beautiful part of the story? We serve a God who doesn’t waste a single thing. Blessings to you!

  • Nancy July 9, 2014, 2:05 am

    This resonates with me so much! I lost my 17 year old son to suicide 6 months ago. The peace that has been laid upon me truly surpasses all understanding. I was stripped of everything that morning. But I chose to cling heartily to the only thing that never changes, my anchor in the storm. And He has given me a boldness and comfort that would’ve never happened, otherwise. I have learned to surf the waves, and it can be exhilarating, even in the darkest of my days.

    • Tammy July 9, 2014, 2:50 pm

      Oh Nancy. I admire your strength, knowing it can only come from the source. As you said, our only true anchor in the storm. Praying for your continued peace as you put your trust and faith in Him. May He continue to tend to your broken heart. So much love & peace to you, xo.

  • lg April 7, 2015, 9:07 pm

    this was exactly what i needed to read tonight; thank you so much.

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