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we’re planting seeds!!

inspired by the idea that this life is more than just about us…i wrote this post.  and then i had this crazy idea that we could plant seeds everywhere!  simple acts of kindness.  grace abundantly.  if you see a need, plant a seed.  the reach of this is endless & only limited by your imagination.  it can be as simple as a cup of coffee on a cold day for a friend who is frustrated or struggling…to a crockpot and some cash to help make mealtime easier for someone you know.  believe me, i know the feeling when God tugs at your heart to GIVE to someone and i know how it feels to ignore it.  i am also blessed to know how it feels to answer that tug with obedience and it’s been an even greater GIFT to me!  we are so blessed and we have so many opportunities to give.  see a need…plant a seed.  please join me in this experiment of grace & simple kindness.  lets live this out!  lets make the uncommon common.

to make it more fun, lets have these gifts be anonymous!  simple and small or group together and do something BIG!  click here to download the free gift tags to attach with your gift & also download the planting seeds info card so that your recipient can find us and carry this movement forward.

if you’ve been *planted!* and want to share how this gift impacted you, please  click here to post comments to your gift giver & share how their gift blessed you!!  

they will check back to see what you wrote!

planting seeds gift tags