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Permission to play hooky


Okay, so I just want to say right from the start here that this day might be uncomfortable.

Just go with it.

Here’s the deal. I’m not encouraging irresponsibility or disrespect to all of our commitments and obligations but, lets just be honest…

Some of them are ridiculous.

And I bet even after crossing off your four things, you still have some ridiculous in your schedule.

Today, we’re blowing off one thing. And if there’s nothing today that can go, then squeeze it in tomorrow. I know you’ve got at least one thing.

The point of this day is to prove to yourself how much we make of things, that really aren’t big things.

I know for me, sometimes I face the day thinking I’ve got all these THINGS to do and then I skip one or two and marvel at how it wasn’t really a big deal. Like, at all.

Because I really made up some of the things in my own head that I thought I needed to do, but I really didn’t need to do.


Today is about those things. Playing hooky.

Blowing them off and finding more in the doing of less.

Today’s Challenge: Scratch something off your list today that’s ridiculous. Go outside and look at the sky instead. Rake up a pile of leaves and jump. Write in your journal or read a book. Use that newfound time to just be. Still.

This is day 13 of our Revolt Against Busy Challenge! You can sign up and find the homepage and everything you’ve missed right {here}.

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