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When your relationships aren’t pretty

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I met Alexandra Kuykendall last summer at my friend Krista’s house, while she and her family were visiting from Colorado. She and Alex have been friends since college and, though I felt like I already knew her through stories and her writing, I had never actually met her face to face. In the months since meeting her I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know her better and am so excited we will get to spend more time together in person this fall. But this week we spent some time talking about my book, Pretty, where Alex hosted me on her virtual back porch for friendship and some great conversation. I thought maybe you’d like to listen in…

Alex: So you are an attorney by training, a mother by occupation these days. What else do I know about you? You’re a runner and based on your Instagram feed, I’d say you like adventure. Tell us about your journey that led to writing Pretty.

Tammy: My whole life I have struggled with perfectionism and worthiness and I could never really figure out why. For as long as I could remember I put my identity in who others said I was and, unfortunately, it was never enough. Many women have a story. A big story. A story of a major loss, experience, abuse or abandonment and I really didn’t. I didn’t have a big story to explain my insecurities, but I had a million little ones. And I thought because I didn’t have a big story I didn’t really have permission to feel what I felt. So many times I felt small. Invisible. Unworthy of belonging. Pretty was really the process of putting together all the little pieces of my life, discovering that who I am is not contained in the rejections or the approvals of the people around me. And that was a hard process. It still is, honestly.

Click here to read the rest of the conversation on her back porch…

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