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Reconnecting Your Soul With Peace

Half way through summer and I already managed to neglect some really important things in my life. Things that make me centered, humble and at peace. Maybe you relate? In the midst of unlimited unscheduled time, the chaos of kids at home all day, and the constant lure of water, sun and sky — have you lost connection with yourself? Have you let slide the very things that help you reconnect, in your daily living, with your soul?

I had.

For me, this year God continues to draw me to peace. Peace in His timing. His will. His plan. Peace in knowing that I am known, even when I feel misunderstood. Peace knowing I am safe, even and maybe especially when I feel afraid. And peace believing I am already enough, no matter if someone else doesn’t see that.

Peace is my word of the year, and it’s the word that continues to resurface. Guiding me. Beckoning to me. Leading me into the next best version of myself. But somehow in the chaos of summer, the unscheduled free time and travel, I lost hold of some of the very things that help me stay there.

Peace with Your Soul

This week after returning home, unpacking bags, doing laundry and refilling closets I pulled out my Bible. I sat down to read the words that always bring peace to my soul. Words that aren’t merely words on a page, but living, breathing words of life. In the midst of a turbulent time, an election season that scares me, and daily attacks against our peace, His words stand as a beacon of hope; a light in the dark; an assurance we are not alone.

Because sometimes our fears are big and we can’t wrap our mind around them. Perhaps they’re confusing, misleading, or downright evil and there is no clear answer and never will be. And sometimes our fears are small; they’re worries, insecurities and old wounds we’ve already laid at His feet and we just picked them back up again. They’re not ours to carry anymore. But where is our peace?

What I’m learning this summer is that peace is a practice. Peace is finding those things that help me stay centered to who I am, whose I am, and who God called me to be — but I can’t do it on my own. I don’t always remember in the presence of my fear, or in the depth of my doubt. Peace is a daily remembering. A constant connecting with my spirit, soul, mind and body — recognizing both the power that is in me with my words, my actions and my life, and the infinitesimally smallness of my self.


Have you lost connection with your soul? Have you forgotten you are known, safe and enough in the midst of your really big and very small fears? You’re not alone. You just simply need to remember.

Tedd Dekker says: “Life is a constant process of forgetting and remembering who you are.” Maybe today is the day you remember. Or maybe today is the day you remember again. Because peace is a practice. Peace is a lifelong process connecting your smallness with your greatness; your fear with your power; and your strength with surrender. 

Peace with Your Soul BQ

I remember who I am when I read God’s word. I remember when I sit in the stillness with my own soul. I remember when I’m in nature. When all I hear is the rhythm of footfalls on pavement, or practicing yoga; mindfully present and connected to every muscle, thought, movement and feeling in my very body. I remember who I am. I remember whose I am. I remember who God has called me to be in this one life. This one moment. This one day that has been given to me. Today I remembered again. Maybe you will too.

And maybe you will share it with us. How do you practice peace, and remember when you forget?

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