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resolution ready?

so i have a friend who is always teasing me because i jump seasons & holidays.  i’m always ready for the next one before the current one is quite here yet….decorating for fall in august, decorating for christmas a few days before thanksgiving, planting my garden before it’s quite warm enough…it’s just me.  season jumper, perhaps.  i like to think of it as eager anticipator or, even better, contentious planner!  well, whatever it is…it’s not quite christmas and i’m thinking resolutions.

i don’t know about you, but i have been thoroughly enjoying the holiday parties, the sweet treats, and my daily afternoon chai latte and chocolate fix.  perhaps a little too much.  in conjunction with my break from running…the results aren’t pretty.  i went to spinning class the other night and when i pulled on my cycling shorts i knew.  they knew.  they say love keeps no record of wrongs, right?  well…  every single cookie, peppermint bark bar, and glass of wine was recorded in it’s waistband.  no mercy.  no grace.  certainly no love.  you could say my “cup {literally} runneth over.”

so i’m thinking resolutions.  and i’m thinking BIG!  here is my challenge to myself and my challenge to you.  lets make resolutions in several areas of life for 2013.  lets resolve to make it our best year yet.  my husband carries index cards in his wallet since i’ve known him of what he is working on in mind, body, and spirit.  so many times we make resolutions to ‘lose weight’ or ‘get healthy’ or ‘stop eating sugar’, etc.  but our body is made up of more than just our physical selves – the body that we present to those around us.  and it’s important!  to eat well, exercise regularly, be physically at our best.  but just as important, or even MORE important, is our mind and spirit.  when they are healthy and well it flows over into the rest of our lives and we begin to glow from the inside.  and if our mind and spirit are not well…well, lets just say that makes itself pretty obvious too.  we can fake it, we can fool ourselves and maybe others for awhile, but eventually our unhealth spills over into our walk, our talk, and our life.  so i’m ready to clean up shop.  knock down some cobwebs, and do a good cleaning inside.  and get my butt back out on the road too, where i know my body performs at it’s best.  where i whittle down, tighten up, mentally toughen and feel spiritually free.  for me, running is the place where it all comes together.  where one discipline hinges and grows on the other.

it’s like that i think.  life, in general.  we find when one area is out of sync, oftentimes the others aren’t too far behind.  so let’s bring it in.  back to our center.  take the next week to think about where your life is going and where you WANT it to go.  it’s like driving a car…when you’re looking off to the right, enjoying the scenery, pretty soon you find your car unconsciously veering over the white line.  you didn’t mean to drive over the curb or into the ditch, but that’s where you were LOOKING!  it happens.  so lets take some time to consciously think about where we’re headed.  we may not see ourselves there yet, but we’ll never get there if we don’t set out in that direction.  take a step in the direction you want to go.  and then another.  pretty soon you’ll look back at your path and be amazed.  let’s be amazing this year.

i made a free printable to help us write out our resolutions for 2013.  click here, print it out, and write down where you want to take yourself this year.  boldly design your life; let’s resolve to be stronger, wiser, braver, and better in 2013!

resolution 2013



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  • Mandy December 22, 2012, 6:46 am

    Love this! Will print out and get started on my resolution making.

  • Anna December 22, 2012, 1:59 pm

    Love this!

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