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season : {extra}ordinary balance

have you ever felt like you were entering a season of life where you were unsure what you were doing? felt ill-equipped to face the task at hand?

a God-sized dream for a life-sized girl. hopes and dreams and vision of infinite boundaries wrapped in the burden of finite time. 

wanting talent and untraveled roads, we believe.

dreams, fears, hopes and burdens entwine, and the light and the darkness become one.

but you can’t start the journey without taking the first step. it’s only just a step.

balance. faith. confidence that the step you take is sure, because He has already gone before you and made a way.

rock trail thru water

do you feel ill-equipped for the journey ahead? struggling to believe you have what it takes?

i hope you are. i really truly do. because if you find yourself doubting, asking ‘can i really do this impossible thing?’ chances are you can. and you will. not because you’re gifted or you possess some special quality that makes you great. but because you’re real, and you’re honest, and you’re scared to death, willing to do what it takes. willing to sacrifice the small things to stay focused on the main things. willing to do the hard work in the best way you know how, and pray with all you have for God to shine through. that somewhere in your crazy mess, you will find His faithfulness. His sweet, intimate tenderness.

He does that. He shows up in the little things, the biggest things. and He’s doing that…right now.

stop for a moment and look around you. feel it whisper inside you. the simple things. the smallest gifts. unexpected smiles and tender encouragement at just the right time, letting you know you’re on the right track. He’s asking you to follow Him down a narrow way, and perhaps a frightening path. but He’s with you. beside you, around you, and IN you, and He will never leave you behind.

you can do anything…but you can’t do everything. believe in Him.


it’s day 25 of our {extra}ordinary life journey. i hope it’s been well. you can catch up on any days you’ve missed at our overview page right {here}. happy weekend my friends. i wish you moments of {extra}ordinary joy. to see, to know, to believe.


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  • Anne Schenk October 26, 2013, 2:06 pm

    I am sorry, I don’t celebrate Halloween. If you can show me something that is redeemable or something that honorsGod for children in celebrating Halloween, please do.

    God bless!
    Anne Schenk

    • Tammy October 26, 2013, 6:10 pm

      hi anne! i think this was in response to the lunch box notes? i completely honor your decision not to celebrate halloween and just hope some kids might find these a fun surprise in their lunchbox. blessings to you.

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