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The secret in surrender

secret in surrender

In western culture, people are ironically defined by their do-ing.

What do you do? As if what you do for a living somehow tells us who you are.

On so many levels I hate it, and yet it is the normal start to any conversation. What do you do?

For so many of us our lives are defined by what we do. What we can do. What we choose to do.

We feel the overwhelming need to go out and prove ourselves all the time.

We want others to know who we are because of what we do. And we spend so much energy trying to convince them of our worthiness, proving our words and deeds are in line with our heart.

We have a hard time accepting things as they are.

When something is broken, we want to fix it. We want to make it right.

But sometimes what we long to fix demands to stay broken.

As a people bent on proving ourselves, it’s uncomfortable to be still.

It’s awkward to sit in the silence of knowing that our truth is sometimes unwanted. That our words, spoken, remain unheard.

We want to do something. Because that is what we do.

But strength is found in the stillness.

Strength is found in the surrender of what cannot be done. The words that should not be spoken.

We share our words, our life, our stories and our selves with people who have earned the right to them.

We surrender our voices and our lives to the God who knows what is best for us.

When He prunes and severs sometimes we fight His will. We try to make sense of it or fix what seems broken. We desperately try to do something. But sometimes there is nothing to be done.

Sometimes we need to just be grateful that He brought us out. Sometimes we just need to be thankful for the lessons we learned in the process, knowing we will live our lives better because of it.

Sometimes our greatest strength is in accepting what is, not what we want it to be. 

When you surrender you become free.

It’s way is easy and it’s burden is light.

When we surrender we recognize the gift hidden in the stillness; the peace that comes with the storm.


It’s when we remember the value of slowing down, creating space, and making our time and relationships count. Accepting things as they are, not as we would have them, and letting that be enough.

Today’s Challenge: Let something go. A weight you’ve been carrying, a story you’ve been fighting, a person who is holding you down. Write their name on a rock and throw it into the lake. Write words on a balloon and send it into the sky. Release it and surrender to what is, and you will be stronger because of it.

This is our last day, day 31 of our Revolt Against Busy Challenge! If you missed it, you can catch up on everything right {here}.


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  • cari October 31, 2014, 7:53 pm

    “That our words, spoken, remain unheard.”
    “Sometimes our greatest strength is in accepting what is, not what we want it to be.”

    Thank you for speaking to my heart, for it is broken and cracked and might not be whole again and that’s okay. I’m going to be okay.

    • Tammy November 2, 2014, 4:31 am

      He will make it new Cari. Not the same. But in a more beautiful form. Praying that prayer for you today. xo

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