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Let’s talk about connection.

Our lives are made of millions of beautiful threads that make us who we are. Some of those threads we don’t like. That’s okay. They’re ours anyway.

Whether it is in the way you live, the things you eat, how you move, or the thoughts you think, I talk about the interconnectedness of our spirit, soul, mind and body, inviting you to move free of your past, find your strength, and become who you are.

We were so grateful to have Tammy as our retreat speaker this past year. Our women found her to be warm, honest, and challenging. Tammy has the ability to transcend a room full of people and speak to individual hearts. After her very first session, I remember feeling as though I had just sat with a friend and shared life over a cup of tea. Every venue would benefit from Tammy’s wisdom, wit, and knowledge. I recommend her for any group setting.Sandy Wild, Women's Pastor, Anthem Church, Hayden Idaho

1. Known, Safe & Enough

What if you were told you are deeply known, safe and enough? Would you believe it? How would you live? In this session Tammy shares the beautiful, life-changing gift of Psalm 139 and the firm foundation and powerful truth it provides for your identity.

2. Created to Do Good

Every single one of us longs to serve a greater purpose than ourselves. It’s in our DNA. The problem is we don’t know how. We want a Purpose Driven Life but we’re not sure where to find it. Maybe there’s too many options. God’s word calls us all to one single thing: to do good. In this session, Tammy dissects this calling and how you can step into what it means for you.

3. Developing a Steadfast Spirit

It’s been said that life isn’t necessarily about what happens to you, but how you respond to it. It’s likely the same people who say God never gives us more than we can handle. Sometimes stepping into our calling, or even dealing with our very own lives, feels like more than we can handle. Sometimes it feels like everything has gone wrong or is doubly hard and we grow weary. In this session, Tammy talks about four attitudes to help us remain steadfast so we can do what we’ve been called to do, while living with a grateful heart.

4. Building a Legacy with Your Life

In the end, it won’t necessarily matter what you accomplished. What will matter is how you lived and who you loved. We often think that a legacy is about building an empire or creating a family dynasty, but a life legacy is so much more. It’s about focus, intention, and often choosing the opposite of what makes sense. Nearly a hundred percent of the time, it won’t happen naturally. In this session, Tammy breaks down the definition of a legacy, and guides you in how you can create yours.

5. Live Free, Love Life

One of the biggest obstacles in the way of loving your life is letting go of the things that hold you back. Whether that pertains to your body image, identity or personal relationships, sometimes happiness isn’t about adding something more, but getting to the place where there is nothing left to take away. Words have the power to speak life or death and for many, death has been spoken. God’s word speaks life, and He calls you to live free. To love this one, beautiful life that you’ve been given. In this session Tammy helps you make the connection between letting go of the things that hold you back so you can find the life God created you to live. This message can be customized to address a particular theme or be more general in scope.

6. Your Choice

Don’t see what you are looking for in the list of topics? Tammy would be happy to discuss your event and theme with you individually and customize a message for your group.