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Finding strength in solitude

strength in solitude

There was a time long ago when I didn’t know how to be alone.

Just the thought of it made me anxious.

That was a very long time ago.

In the nearly two decades since discovering how to be alone without feeling lonely, I’ve learned more about myself than I ever could have otherwise.

More than I would know if I constantly kept myself busy.

And perhaps in some ways I take this a bit too seriously.

Most of my days, after all, include taking kids to school, doing some sort of exercise, showering and then putting my pjs back on for the afternoon.

I may or may not change back into “real” clothes to go pick them up. Probably not.

I’ve made it a practice to seek solitude, sometimes to a fault.


I don’t really know, but I like spending time alone far more than I enjoy spending it with others. Not that I don’t love people and friends and parties, I do.

But I used to think my value and worth depended on if people liked me. If they approved of me and thought I was doing things right.

I would walk into a room and wonder if they liked me. Because I wasn’t quite sure myself.

But I’ve learned there is incredible strength in solitude.

Quiet is where I recharge.

Where I find my strength and my song. And the courage to sing.

Now I walk into a room or sit in the silence of my own, knowing I’m my own best friend. I don’t need to please anyone else or pander to their opinion because I already like my own. Right or wrong, indifferent or otherwise. We get to be different and disagree and have it be okay.

That is the gift of solitude. Of time spent with self.

You have to know yourself to love yourself and you have to love yourself before you can be loved in return.

Otherwise we’re just putting on pretty masks, not sure who we really are and if anyone will ever like us.

Don’t worry. The right ones will.

Once you fall in love with you first.

Today’s Challenge: Seek a little solitude today. A quiet walk, a stroll in a garden, preparing the beds for fall. A book in a quiet corner or a cup of coffee on a park bench. Whatever calls out to your soul today, do it. All by yourself.

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