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surprise : {extra}ordinary inside

while hiking in the canadian rockies this fall i was stunned by the {extra}ordinary beauty all around me. everywhere i looked i saw obvious, striking beauty.

breathtaking mountain peaks and jagged rocky cliffs. raging waterfalls and pristine, turquoise glacial lakes. rugged foot-worn paths and beautiful autumn flowers. beauty in 360 degrees.

as we were walking on one of those rugged well-worn paths i spotted small triangular-shaped chips that looked like miniature guitar picks. i would see them randomly in bunches on the path as we wound our way up the trail. picking them up to inspect them i saw how ornate and beautiful they were on one side, perfectly plain on the other.

after seeing them in clusters for a mile or so i asked our guide what they were. after looking for a bit she very casually guessed they were fragments of a pinecone. nothing special. as the squirrel opened the cone to find the seeds, the discarded pieces littered the path.

a little farther down the trail i found one of those pinecones and opened it up to reveal it’s {extra}ordinary inside:
beauty insidewe spend so much time, energy, effort and money trying to pretty up our outside. the face we show the world.

but the truth lies in the heart. where the real beauty resides.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: think about something that makes you uniquely beautiful. something that can’t be seen from your outward appearance. something far deeper than the surface.

i would love to hear what makes you beautiful and would be honored if you shared it in the comments or on our facebook page! own your beauty. reflect on how you have been made by an awesome Creator in the image and likeness of love, blessed with unique talents and abilities that maybe nobody else has ever seen. know that your beauty comes from the inside, and shine a little brighter today.

if you’ve missed any of our posts in this 31-day {extra}ordinary life challenge you can catch up right {here}! and please…do share! you’re so beautiful.



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  • Anne Schenk October 21, 2013, 2:49 pm

    God makes me beautiful on the inside by giving me a love for people and their well being.

  • Julie October 22, 2013, 5:15 am

    a heart full of compassion makes me beautiful. thank YOU for your beautiful sharing. xo

    • Tammy October 22, 2013, 4:46 pm

      mmmmmm…..that is so beautiful julie.

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