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The secret that might change everything

the secret

I firmly believe that we would live life differently if we took time to look at the stars each night.

We are blessed that we have an old family cabin up on a lake in northern Idaho and every summer the whole family, about thirty-five of us, make it there to spend two weeks under the stars.

You see, the cabin was built in the 50s and sleeps about eight.

That makes almost thirty of us bed-less.

Which might be a problem, except for the dock.

We spend every day sitting on her planks and diving from her pilings, and when night falls we rest on her footings.

At the close of day after dinner is served and the campfire is extinguished, you will find a dozen or more of us making our way to the dock. Sleeping pad and bag in arms, we set up down the entire length of the dock. One by one, we sleep.

I feel like it’s a secret and yet it’s so obvious.

This past summer was the first night our entire family was old enough to sleep on the dock.

This is a photo of the bed I shared with my boys at the lake. Isn’t it incredible?

It is one of my favorite things about being at the cabin.

We are outside ninety-eight percent of every day. There is no cell service or wifi and I get to totally detach from life and all of its trappings.

And the stars.

Without a city in sight the stars are brighter and sparklier than anywhere else I know.

They remind me to be still.

To know my place in this big wide world and not take things too seriously. After all, we’re just a speck.

And like the stars, not one of us is asked to light the whole sky. Just to shine our own little light.

Today’s Challenge: Go outside tonight and look at the stars. For a moment or a minute or a month of days, let it remind you of your place, and that you were made to SHINE.

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