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Too Tired to Exercise?

Who’s tired? Guys, we’re almost there — the shortest day of the year. Can you believe how dark it is? There’s no great time to get outside and find light, except for midday, and who’s got time for that? And it’s so hard to get up and motivated when it’s dark outside. I don’t have energy. You don’t have energy. Let’s say it together: I’M TIRED!

Here’s the problem. Without exercise, you’ll have even less energy. It’s a cycle. You can break the cycle by choosing to exercise anyway, and the energy will come. Over time, exercise will improve your energy level and your sleep quality, giving you an even greater boost. But don’t take my word for it. Try it!

  1. Go to bed early: Hello night owl. Wonder why you can’t get up in the morning?! Try turning off the television, computer, iPad, iPhone and whatever else is keeping you up, and go to sleep!
  2. Exercise in the morning: Working out in the morning sets your day for success. You’ve already accomplished so much, and you get rewarded with a well-deserved endorphin boost for the rest of the day. Plus, there’s the simple satisfaction of having gotten it done. Make it a priority and get up early if you have to.
  3. Meet a friend: Set a gym or walk/run date with a friend. When you know they’re getting up early, it makes it easier to get up early too. A friend of mine and I meet for 6am walks. In the winter it’s dark, windy and cold and very hard to crawl out of bed. Every time I think: I’M TIRED!! But it’s one of the only times we have uninterrupted time to connect and catch up on all the things! It makes getting up so worth it.
  4. Be prepared: Throw a pair of shoes and clothes in the car or your bag. If a lunch meeting gets cancelled, or plans change and you’ve got some free time during the day, you’re ready. Change and go! Look at you so prepared!

Getting up early is hard but so is life. If you make exercise a non-negotiable, you’ll find a way to fit it in. Whether that’s thirty minutes or an hour, the point is to move. When you move your body, something magic happens in that the energy you didn’t think you had, suddenly appears. It fills you. You finish wondering how you did it and if, quite possibly, you could’ve done a little more. It’s amazing.

A commitment to daily exercise helps us remember another CORbelief: I AM RENEWED. 

In November I went to a week-long fitness/wellness training where we exercised for hours every single day, day after day. Some would call it torture. In truth, they were some of the most incredible, life-giving, freedom-finding days of my life. Done in the spirit of “get to” not “have to,” exercise gives you the opportunity to renew your spirit, soul, mind and body. If you’re able to go outdoors there’s an even greater boost. Nature wants to heal you, your body wants to heal you, and they offer you that gift every single day. Working out reminds us how it feels to move. To live. To play. To be free. To live strong. In so many ways, exercise encourages barriers to fall, and ideas to flourish, while our whole body thanks us.

Do you want to live free? Do you want to be strong? It’s your time.

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