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training : {extra}ordinary work

they say it should be easy. you know, those people. the ones who influence our every day, our every choice, our every thought. nearly.

they craft words and images to toy with our minds, make us think it should be easy. that if we’re truly talented it should come natural. without effort. but it’s not true. it has never been true.

you look around at the greatest icons of our time and they worked hard. i’m not talking about the paris hiltons or the kardashians or any of the rest of the imposters of this time. i’m talking about the real leaders. the brave teachers of a time long past whose words and life live on. who carved out room in the soul of man because they fought and they bled and they failed and they tried.

not satisfied with an ordinary life, they worked to make it extraordinary. they died to make it count.

as i embark on a new season, a new journey, i am both thrilled to life and scared to death.

and so i run. {you know me by now, right?!}

and today was speed training. cadence, rhythm, timing. pushing my body beyond where it’s comfortable. far past the place where i want to stop. believing in the stubborn hope that says if i show up, if i do the work, make the sacrifice, and give all that i can, it will be worth it in the end. it will be enough.


today my husband sat outside at the end of our driveway with a cup of coffee and a stopwatch. he pushed me to the point where my legs were weak and my stomach turned sick, pulling all that i have and laying it out on the pavement. believing. knowing that i can do only my part.

an athlete may have talent but it only gets you to good. if you’re lucky, it might get you to very good. but it’ll never take you to great unless you fight for it. unless you give in to the knowledge that our talent is finite. our skill is small. but we serve a God who is big. let Him thrill you. do the work. the hard, difficult work. and when you have, He’ll blow your mind.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: what’s your art? your talent? your dream? set a goal for yourself and take a step today. one step. a phone call, a reservation, a commitment, a purchase. don’t blink, don’t wait and let life pass you by without living. we are called to live. and we are required to work hard. do the work, and join the ranks of those whose lives meant something.

p.s. i got to meet mark batterson, author of the transforming books the circle maker, and all in, this past weekend and he spoke to my heart and encouraged my dream. i’ll be posting a photo on my facebook page today. he made me believe that this wild and crazy dream….it’s possible. and it’s worth the hard work. i’d like to encourage you in yours. what’s your dream?

it’s day 23…and we’re living extraordinary. dream it. dare it. do it. this is your life.


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  • Krista October 24, 2013, 5:58 am

    Amen. “Our talent is finite. Our skill is small. But we serve a God who is big.” Throwing out mustard seeds right beside you – scattering together!

    • Tammy October 24, 2013, 4:32 pm

      amen sister! honored to walk this road side by side.

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