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tuck : {extra}ordinary goodness

on our whirlwind trip away this summer i spent time visiting lots of family. friends and loved ones far and even farther away. living out of a suitcase with three hoodlums under 6 for 12 days made me weary.

the last night of my stay i got to spend with my dear aunt katie. i’ve always loved her name. every thing about her. the way she moves. how her face wrinkles around her eyes and mouth when she smiles. how she throws her head back and her eyes light up when she laughs. her laugh. deep, full, unapologetically and delectably rich.

i love her for so many reasons. mostly for how she always wants me to visit, with my three noisy boys and her perfect, delicate home. open home, open arms, open heart. it is safe. welcoming. and it just feels so good. each thing in its place, every detail touched with attention, care, thoughtfulness and love. and not just with her things but the way that she lives. they way that she loves.

and though i didn’t have near enough time with her, i left with a memory i will never forget.

minutes after we all went to bed, i lay drifting asleep with all three boys in my room. one on the floor and two in my bed, one nestled under each arm. suddenly my aunt katie comes into the dark room. in her long white nightgown and freshly cleansed skin she leans over the bed and kisses each face. pulling the covers up to our chins, she tucks the blankets around us tight and kisses us goodnight. she tells me that no matter how old you are, you never outgrow being tucked in.

it was tender. so tender. simple and sweet. ordinary and yet so exceedingly extraordinary. a memory i will never forget. it reminds me how the smallest, tiniest, simplest of things take up the most room in our heart. and no matter what we do in this life, what lives on is the way we make someone feel when we’re with them. she made me feel special. loved. and so, so good.

tucked in

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: be keenly aware of how you treat others today. go out of your way to make someone feel special. loved. cared for, or appreciated in a way that stretches you. show someone extraordinary goodness with no strings attached, and be blessed.

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