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FUN & FREE valentine gift ideas!

valentine ideasit’s almost valentine’s day and you know what that means…

chocolate, flowers, expensive dinners, jewelry, yadda, yadda.

but maybe you’re short on cash or just want to do something more personal, funny or just plain FUN with your valentine this year!

here are a few free valentine gift ideas {straight from the heart}.

1. sweat date

yeah i know what you’re thinking but you’re wrong. this is an activity date of his choice just the two of you to sweat it out and have some FUN together! tennis, racquetball, skiing, cycling, snowshoeing, running, or even a hike in the snow! let your man pick an afternoon sweat-session, lace up your sneakers {or boots} and get your burn on. it’s a great way to connect, recharge, burn calories AND have fun together! it’s a win-win.

2. picnic lunch

what’s more romantic than a picnic lunch? but it’s winter {and a really cold one at that}. but don’t let the season stop you from a romantic date! put together a fun picnic lunch with some of your valentine’s favorite things and a bottle of wine or champagne. spread out a blanket, set up a picnic lunch on the floor in your room and use your imagination. pretty sweet.

3. last word

oh man. if your man is anything like my man, he loves the last word in an argument. {i kinda do too but that’s because i’m usually right..!}. this is a one-time free pass for your man to have the last word. period. he gets to talk his talk and you gets to button up and take it. no response, no comeback, nada. one time. {i hope it will have you both laughing at the end of it!}

4. love in his language

do you know your valentine’s love language? if you don’t, you might want to consider buying the 5 love languages. is your man an acts of service guy? …quality time…words of affirmation…gifts…or physical touch? figure out his love language and do something to meet it. it will pay dividends!

5. send him a singing voice memo

if you’ve got a smart phone this is a snap. i use my voice memo feature all the time to send messages to my friends when i don’t have the time to call and chat but still want to say hello! grab your phone, open the voice memo and this time, record a singing message for your valentine and send. viola! instant singing telegram that will surely put a smile on his face and send you into top ranking for coolest, bravest wife/girlfriend ever!

oh, and if you haven’t found the man of your dreams yet…you might want to read this post to find out how.

happy planning, laughing, sweating FUN with your valentine!

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