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When life gets too serious


Every year I embrace a word for the year. If I’m honest I’m not great at resolutions. My first year blogging I took on three. I was going to qualify for the Boston Marathon, do Beth Moore’s scripture memory team and something else ridiculous and gigantic. See what I mean? I can’t even remember. By the way I’m a wife and a mom and a writer and human and everything else too. It was ridiculous. Sometimes I’m ridiculous.

I tried to find it and I couldn’t even uncover it, it’s so old. Needless to say, as most resolutions go, it was more about proving myself to be better or different or more evolved than I already am. I didn’t complete any of them! Though I did try. I’m still determined that one day, if when I get my legs moving fast again, I’m going to take one more shot at that Boston thing. But I digress.

So in spite of my utter and complete failure with grandiose resolutions, instead, each year I adopt a word. It’s not a word I consciously think of, or even choose according to my need. I actually believe the word kind of picks me. I’m prayerful about it and ask God to guide me in choosing a word that will fit my circumstances and the challenges that lay ahead. But even more, I ask for a word that will change me. A word that will challenge and kind of wreck me a little. It’s true, I’m weird like that. You can read more about the process here.

This year, my word is trust.

It’s a good word. A hard word. And I feel like God has definitely shown up, calling me to trust Him in a number of things and in a number of ways. He’s asked me to trust Him and not my circumstances. To trust His vision and not my own. To seek His approval rather than the people and things I’ve relied on all my life for my value. Because the truth is I’ve heard a lot of no-s over the past year and hearing no-no-no, without trusting there’s a greater yes eventually down the line, can be pretty brutal! It can really knock a girl down. But I’m learning that when we trust Him with our future, He doesn’t take away the hits – He just teaches us how to get back up. And I’m so excited to share a really cool yes that recently waltzed right into my life. Soon. But isn’t that how it happens? On His timeline. 

But sometimes I wonder if I take things too seriously. If sometimes I take myself too seriously.

Do you ever feel like sometimes your life (or you) have gotten way too serious? 

Because as life evolves, and challenges come and go, I realize that all my words are deep and hard. It’s how I’m wired. If there’s a challenge I’ll take it and somehow figure out a way to make it even harder than it’s supposed to be. I’ll take it one step further. Just because. And don’t misunderstand me, they’re good words. Powerful, life-changing words that I’m grateful for because they have done just that: they have changed me. Each word has been divinely given for each season; a force and a powerful wrestling and reckoning, even when I wasn’t conscious of it. Perhaps especially then. Deep fits me. Deep, soul-searching, and hard is a big part of who I am and how I live in so many ways. It’s something I am sure will never change. I am who I am.

But over the last few days a new word has impressed itself upon my heart and it’s breaking all the rules. Of course it would. It’s fun! I mean, the word is fun, but it’s also the word. The word is: FUN! And I’m honestly not very good at it! I’m type A and tend to need to get all my work done before I can relax to have fun. And as a mom of young kids with a new gigantic puppy and all the millions of things we do in a day as mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, friends and providers – it’s not often all the work gets done. Honestly, does it ever?

As a family we’ve taken to scheduling our fun, or at least we schedule making room for it. But it’s fun outside our normal. It’s fun on vacation. Fun on the weekend. Fun anywhere and everywhere outside our normal, every-day, day. So fun is breaking in and breaking the rules. Apparently fun thinks it can show up and declare itself a word, one-quarter in to a new year. And so it goes.

So for three-quarters of 2015 I’m declaring a co-partner to trust: FUN! And I’m committed to start having more of it. Lucky for me, just in time for summer. Join me?! What’s your three-quarter word?

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