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wonder wednesdays

how often do we let one little grey rain cloud cover over a wide open blue sky.  glaze over all the wonder{full} in our lives and simmer in the negative.  those lone outliers that, some days, we hand over the power to steal our joy and harden our hearts.  i’m on a mission to revel in the wonder.  GROW in wonder.  to make it a point to seek out joy.  simplicity.  acknowledge and celebrate the wonder in the everyday.  because as a momma of three dirty, messy, exceedingly loud boys?  there is a lot of wonder.  wonder how they didn’t break a bone, bust a tooth…  wonder how i haven’t completely lost my mind on many, many days…  but truly.  when was the last time you found yourself lost in wonder…..  yeah.  see what i mean?

as children we are full of wonder.  when does that stop?  and why, oh why does it stop?  i’m petitioning to bring back wonder with wonder wednesdays {WW}.  join me in the celebration of the simple joy of the everyday.  growing in the wonder of grace.  check back tomorrow for our first WW!



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