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in the process of setting resolutions and goals for a new year, i was inspired to also choose a word and create an image for this year.  a way to visually focus on what i desire to work on, and change in my life.  for me, this year is about renewal.  so much of our days hinge on our attitude or our mental processing of what is happening around us and to us.  i can’t tell you how many times i got myself in a good old fashioned funk because of my negative attitude…or got myself distracted or upended by something completely out of my control.  so this year is a year of renewal.  of renewing my mind to realize just how fortunate and blessed i am.  to remember the incredible gifts of family, friends, health, and abundance.  to live less for the affection and approval of others and more for God, my family, and myself.  to be less concerned with the trivial things of this world and more aware of things with eternal value.  to model the characteristics and traits that i value and desire for my children to learn.

even when we face hard things, because we do – and we will, we can temper them with truth.  with a healthy mind.  in spite of hardship, we are blessed…and through hardship, we are refined.  His mercies are new every morning.  our minds are powerful beyond measure.  with them we can do all things.  we can face all things.  but they must be in good health.  what streams from our mind, feeds our heart, and overflows from our mouth and into our lives.  so my word for 2013 is: renew.  and this is my image:

renew 2013

what’s your word?


les mis

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  • Tammy January 18, 2013, 2:50 am

    due to a tech error i had to repost this manually.
    from alexis:
    So loving your blog – in so many ways. Thank you for honestly sharing your contemplative heart here! It’s inspiring me in my journey to (finally) sharing mine.. In due time 🙂

    My word for the year is more of a theme. Having just moved to Southern California from the East Coast, surfing has become a new passion of mine. Though still a total beginner, I’ve already experienced it’s magic – being out in the ocean, sun beaming on your face, in the middle of something so much greater and more powerful than you – is breathtakingly delightful, exhausting and energizing – all at the same time. I’m smitten – and look forward to every opportunity I get to get in the water..

    My theme for this year is ‘Riding the Wave’. Physically, it’s something I want to do for the beautiful capacity it grants to refresh both mind, body and spirit – to connect the three in ways simple unattainable when we remain within limits of our own control. Metaphorically – I want to listen for, look for, be perceptive to and aware of the calling that’s making itself clear on my life – and ACT on it. Rather than letting its wave pass me by, and wonder if I could have ridden it or not, I want to paddle hard and exert myself, showing up to the precious gift I’m being giving, and move with full faith that the creator of that very wave has created me with the capacity to ride it!

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