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yes to them

parenting.  what a journey.  with our first baby boy blessing we were so excited for each milestone he would reach.  we faithfully practiced ‘tummy time’ and exercise, provided every stimulus for learning we could think of.  i was a baby wise momma and, i tell you, it worked.  we let him cry it out, learn to self soothe, he napped for a 4-hour stretch every afternoon.  we played on the floor, positioned him to crawl, and excitedly cheered as he took his first steps!  we stood our ground and took away his pacifier at 2 years old.  sleep in our bed?  no way.  he was independent, he didn’t need us to fall asleep.  we simply couldn’t wait to see what he could do, what he was capable of.  how he could grow and learn…how our genes had come together to create a masterpiece!  and we wanted to prove ourselves as parents too.  that we were capable.  we knew what we were doing.  after all, look at him & what he can do!

fast forward 5 1/2 years…third blessing baby boy is growing out of baby and into boy.  and momma is breaking all the rules.  for the last few months, he has come into our bed and slept with us for at least a good portion of the night.  first steps?  i cried.  he’s almost 2 1/2 and we have yet to break it to him that ‘bee’ (his pacifier) won’t be around forever.  self-soothe?  hardly.  he wakes a few hours after falling asleep for the night and i immediately go get him and snuggle back into my bed with him in my arms.  when i decide he has to sleep in his bed all night again, i don’t know who it’s going to be harder on…me?  or him.  hmmm…  i have rubbermaid containers of those precious newborn clothes, the ones they only wear a handful of times because they’re just so tiny, and i cannot get rid of them.  i’ve tried.  i.cannot.let.go.of.them.

just last week my ‘baby’ woke up from his nap with a fever.  i was in the middle of a project that i was using his nap time to get done.  but all of a sudden it just hit me. it’s almost gone.  this time.  have i used it well?  i sat in his nursery and we rocked in the dark for an hour.  and he slept peacefully on my chest in the silence of the room.  and a tear rolled down my cheek.  there are so many days and weeks i’ve missed being busy.  caught up in distractions.  mine or chasing someone else’s.  i’ve missed out on a lot of sweet time.

here’s my third baby boy blessing just days after his birth:

the wonder.  the love.  the joy.  unspeakable joy.  in this season, i’m reminded what little consequence the busyness of our lives can be.  it’s a good time of year to hunker down.  reconnect with what matters.  be still and listen to the voice of my children.  the voice that calls out… ‘mommy?  will you play with me?’  instead of all the excuses, the just-a-minutes, the i’ll-be-right-theres….i’m going to try to stop and say yes.  yes to them.  no to distraction.  it’s going.  time.  my babies are growing.  and i don’t want to miss it.




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  • LouAnn November 14, 2012, 8:19 pm


  • Karin November 14, 2012, 10:44 pm

    WOW!! This hit me hard!!! TEARS…thanks girl for the reminder to CHERISH this time we have been BLESSED with…it moves so quick. Love you!

  • Krista November 15, 2012, 7:56 am

    {sigh}: truth. So very precious are the moments….

  • Patty November 15, 2012, 2:59 pm

    This brings back so many memories – I think we moms do the best we can — but the years go by so quickly and the moments you describe are g9ne before y9u know it, love that you’re taking the time and enjoying these special moments. Give the boys hugs and kisses;

  • Kelly November 15, 2012, 11:14 pm

    Thank you for sharing this! It seems that I “liked” your fb page just in time to catch this great post which is exactly the reminder I needed. It can be so difficult to avoid the distractions, but is oh so important. Thanks again for the great read!! xoxo

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